Moran Talmon

I am a Fullstack .net developer with a server-side orientation. I love to take part in building a product and see the human challenge and then the tech challenge behind it. I am passionate about new technologies and always ensure that I am up to date with all the new things coming out.





What I Do


I have ten years of experience working with server-side technologies, with my main focus on c# and the dotnet framework. .SQL server is my go-to DB, although I am familiar with Elastic, Cassandra, and MongoDB


I have used a lot of client technologies like vanilla JavaScript, jQuery (different kinds of libraries and packages), AngulaJS, and Angular. For styling, I have used CSS, Sass, html5, and the bootstrap framework many times.

CMS systems

Umbraco, Epi server, and Strapi are some of the cms systems I have used since I started coding.


I have used several cloud environments like AWS, Azure, and google cloud and use some of theirs functionally for work and some of my projects.

Favorite tech stack


11 year of expirence


2023 - Today

Backend developer

2021 - 2023

Fullstack developer\backend developer

Tech stack: angular 11-13, dotnet core 2.2 – dotnet 6, Microservices, Docker, Elastic search, SQL, AWS, Auth0, Paddle, HubSpot.

  • Swot chart – font end, analyze the critical properties of the product to 4 groups.
  • The star rating chart – front end, compares a product’s four highest-rated properties to the four lowest rated.
  • Report Project – backend, export every chart to a PPT file.
  • Category filters – backend, build a filter system for the category section
2016 - 2021
Aman computes LTD

Full stack developer

Hot Telecom LTD

Tech stack: Angular 10(material design), ASP.NET MVC, .Net Core 3.1 C#, Web API, SQL Server, Umbraco 8, CSS 3, jQuery, JavaScript

Hot Customers – Self-service

  • Creating umbraco management
  • Building Angular components and binding data
  • Building API, pulling data from internal systems


Issta LTD

Tech stack: Angular 7, ASP.NET MVC, C#, Web API, SQL Server, Umbraco 7, CSS 3, jQuery, JavaScript.

CMS project – ISSTA website

  • Developing new modules on Umbraco CMS.
  • Building custom plugins
  • Project Statistics – Automatic deals
  • Presenting deals from the website’s search results.


Tech stack: ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL Server, WCF, EPI Server, CSS 3, Sass, jQuery, JavaScript, Mongo DB

Developing modules on Cellcom Israel websites

  • Safe network section
  • Contact form module
  • Self Service module

*End to End development – from DB to Front-end.

Sales Force - Front end developer

Tech stack: AngulaJS, Salesforce apex, CSS.

  • Writing tech specs
  • Developing a customer service journey
2012 - 2016

Co-owner\fullstack developer

Tech stack: ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL server, Umbraco, CSS 3, jQuery, JavaScript.

  • Setting up servers, development environment, and source control.
  • Developing website with ASP.NET CMS systems.
  • Working on different projects from planning to execution.
  • Writing specifications for websites
  • Building work plans, project management, working with other APIs platforms
2006 - 2011

QA and Support

  • Work with SQL server DB
  • Support for travel agents
  • Frontal training at the client location


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